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AATSP Conference in Salamanca – Travel Options
(Airfare – Transfers – Tours and Excursions – Hotel Overnight at Barajas)

Sample Programs 2017-2018             Pilgrimage To Malta and Italy with Father Ivan

About Bravo

For over 37 years, Bravo Tours has been providing teachers and their students with

unforgettable unique cultural experiences to Spain and beyond – that includes

England, Italy, France, Portugal, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and more.

Our tours are customized to meet your group’s needs – that means we develop

programs especially designed for your group only. Therefore, we do not combine groups either on tours or in hotels.

In addition, we do not charge membership or application fees, adult supplements, or weekend surcharges.

Call us and we will plan with you a program that YOU want. We look forward to serving you.




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